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Through it headquarter head office in Turkey, and since its founding, Alsfeer International group build its success and leadership position on the future values, vision and diversity.
Alsfeer International group, is one of the leading companies engaged in the development of human capital in the region, which was founded in 2014 looking for future to be one of the leading companies in the region, for the progress of construction the important sectors inside community.
The based activities of Alsfeer International group is to provide effective and influential programs within the community, despite its being very young but it able to diversify their activities within the target groups.
After its launch in a short period of time, " Alsfeer International group " enable to prove itself as one of the first task of the service providers and the best in diverse fields, so as to extensive reliance knowledge and experience enjoyed by its founders.

Alsfeer International group has enabled to expand the scope of its services and has an exclusive priority on providing distinctive services in the fields of economy, media and culture that develops a capacity around the world.
Today, we are in Alsfeer International group, proud and strive to continue to provide excellent services with quality in the worldwide, which covers most of the economic areas such as: import and supply chain management and provide information and cultural programs of quality and human resources consulting and tourism training and attracting talent and many other areas.
Therefore, the Alsfeer International group is ready to provide you with all the information necessary to understand the nature of our activities, all you have to do is to communicate with us via phone or e-mail or communicate with one of our experts, please rest assured that we will answer all your questions and inquiries.

Our Vision

Solid and varity trading company, able to continue, based on partnership and trust, and add effective value within the community.

Our Mission

Alsfeer International group is working to apply the necessary initiatives to achieve its vision emphasizing on operational excellence in every side and corner, Commitment, dedicated its interest towards young people, working to serve the society and aggravated knowledge and creative.

Our Value

Secretariat - Respect - Excellence - Union - Responsibility – Efficiency

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